"Comprised of seasoned jazz and flamenco musicians, the debut from New Bojaira demonstrates how well genres can merge under experienced hands." "New Bojaira not only understands the nuances of jazz and Spanish music but also when–and importantly, when not–to use them. An excellent debut from a group of seasoned veterans with a unique musical objective."” - Andy Jurik


"The band blends jazz with flamenco rhythms in order to create a powerful energy on stage."” - Lois Reitzes

WABE where Atlanta meets NPR

"A combination of earthy folk voices and sizzling modern Latin sounds make for rich listening on this album" ” - George W. Harris

Jazz Weekly

"...in the colourful wake of this tradition, come the musicians of New Bojaira with their magnificent music in Zorongo Blu." "This is music that is vividly atmospheric and creates a genuine sense of supernatural danger, a mood which culminates in the serene but spooky “Zorongo Blu”." "...an album that is New Bojaira’s classic celebration of the collision of all that is Moorish and Arabic in Spanish music with all that is African and American in Blues and Jazz."” - Raul da Gama

Latin Jazz Network

"A great combination of flamenco, jazz and some interesting hard bop styles that I like quite a bit." ” - Darek Mazzone


¡A todos nuestros amigos y amigas en España y el resto del mundo! Nuestra música sonó en el programa Duendeando de 28 de abril de 2019. Vayan al minuto 48:15 del programa. ” - Teo Sánchez


We are so happy to announce our song titled “Zorongo Blu” made it to the number one spot of the list on Alt. Latino's Primavera Extravaganza 2019.” - Felix Contreras

NPR Alt.Latino's Primavera Extravaganza 2019

  A FESTIVAL OF EMOTION "...New Bojaira, a quartet that has created a new sound by using the rules of jazz to navigate the structure of flamenco. They seamlessly blended familiar sounds of both genres in a journey between Spain and the United States of America. Their fusion is so deep that at times it is difficult to decipher which leg is leading the musical body: the one standing in jazz or the one standing in flamenco, and the listener can only succumb to the pure joy of being swept away by music."” - Julie Moon Galle Baggenstoss

A Través Arts

"Interesante propuesta la que nos traía el pianista granadino, Jesús Hernández, con su New York Bojaira Jazz Flamenco Project" ” - Selu Sánchez


Il massimo pregio dell'album è quello di non sacrificare, nelle varie sintesi, il fascino e il pathos del flamenco” - Angelo Lionardi

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