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New Bojaira's Zorongo Blu is an original and engaging fusion, blending jazz improvisation with the excitement of flamenco rhythms. It creates a powerful combination of energy and subtlety, taking listeners on a fascinating multicultural excursion.

New Bojaira’s Zorongo Blu. It’s a hot summer Saturday night in Granada, Spain. The flamenco club Eshavira is pleasantly full of serious jazz fans and hipsters and the excitement is building as the band New Bojaira gets ready to perform. Their original modern music encompasses Bebop, Mambo, South American styles and the Blues; a soundscape of modern jazz harmony and traditional Spanish Flamenco rhythms and melodies. New Bojaira has been thrilling audiences with their exciting blend of styles for the last 4 years, playing in the U.S. and Europe at venues as diverse as Eshavira in Granada, Joe’s Pub in New York, and Teatro Filo in Cremona, Italy.

Pianist/composer, Jesus Hernández from Granada, was responsible for the original concept of the group and contacted New York bassist, Tim Ferguson. He in turn rounded up veteran NYC drummer/percussionist Mark Holen who then tapped flamenco singer/flutist Alfonso Cid, a longtime New York City resident, originally from Seville. Together they make up the core of New Bojaira. Although, Jesús is the principle composer of the band, Alfonso, Tim and Mark all contribute compositions that can be heard on this album. Most of the lyrics were written by Alfonso and Jesus, however, there are adaptations of poetry by iconic Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes and a re-arrangement of the traditional Spanish song Zorongo. The songs on this album represent a wide range of stories and musical styles.

The band’s name New Bojaira is significant. The word Bojaira refers to a centuries old irrigation canal built by the Moors, which still flows through Granada today, not far from where Jesús lives with his family. Jazz and Flamenco are also two aged, flowing musical styles, that together create a true and rewarding experience.

Recorded in Brooklyn over the three days preceding Christmas of 2017, Zorongo Blu is the first recording by the band. It features several exciting guest artists in addition to the quartet. Legendary trumpeter Randy Brecker, flamenco singer Sergio Gómez "El Colorao" and saxophonist/flutist Peter Brainin have all added their artistic signatures to the project.

We hope that through this music we can bring you back with us to that night at club Eshavira in Granada or Joe's Pub in New York. New Bojaira would like to thank all the great Jazz, Flamenco and Latino artists who came before us to create this combination of music, culture and language. So, make sure your seat belts are firmly fastened and …enjoy the trip!

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Jesus Hernandez

Unique style of Flamenco Jazz by Spanish artists!

'Bojaira' (Quadrant Records) means the recording debut of the trio led by the pianist Jesús Hernández (Granada 1967) and in it you can hear a strong, powerful, serious, but also lyrical and open to the world flamenco jazz.

Jesus Hernandez is a musician with extensive experience in different musical fields, not strictly jazz. A post-performance video music, operettas, theater, video games and music, where it has achieved one of his greatest professional success; MAX award for his work in 'Cabaret Liquid'.

Before 'Bojaira' there was a 'Road Bojaira', a quintet that was essentially a type of music very similar to that presented in this disc; indeed drummer Alvaro Maldonado was on that project, as the dancer Ana Cali, who works here in the first track, the powerful seguirilla 'back and retrieve what!'.

Except the classic version of 'Laura' David Raskin who appeared in the film of the same name directed by Otto Preminger, all the other seven compositions are signed by Jesus Hernandez, where shows his wide range of musical interests; ranging from Africa to Brazil through classical music, that's where it started musically and makes clear in this 'Suggestions Golberg'. It should be noted that on this record Hernandez had an important detail: it has included a couple of songs back and forth, a granaína the new world and a Colombian.

Author: Jesús Hernández Title: Bojaira Musicians: Jesus Hernandez (piano), Alvaro Maldonado (drums), Manolo Saez (bass) Featured artists:.. Jorge Pardo (flute, soprano sax), Guga Murray (guitar), Babacar Kamara (drums), Franco Kakarigi (bass) Jesus Mendez, Sergio 'El Colorao' (sing), Ana Cali (dance) Label: Quadrant Records Distributor: Quadrant Records Year: 2013 Style: Flamenco Jazz

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