Jesus Hernandez

Unique style of Flamenco Jazz by Spanish artists!

'Bojaira' (Quadrant Records) means the recording debut of the trio led by the pianist Jesús Hernández (Granada 1967) and in it you can hear a strong, powerful, serious, but also lyrical and open to the world flamenco jazz.

Jesus Hernandez is a musician with extensive experience in different musical fields, not strictly jazz. A post-performance video music, operettas, theater, video games and music, where it has achieved one of his greatest professional success; MAX award for his work in 'Cabaret Liquid'.

Before 'Bojaira' there was a 'Road Bojaira', a quintet that was essentially a type of music very similar to that presented in this disc; indeed drummer Alvaro Maldonado was on that project, as the dancer Ana Cali, who works here in the first track, the powerful seguirilla 'back and retrieve what!'.

Except the classic version of 'Laura' David Raskin who appeared in the film of the same name directed by Otto Preminger, all the other seven compositions are signed by Jesus Hernandez, where shows his wide range of musical interests; ranging from Africa to Brazil through classical music, that's where it started musically and makes clear in this 'Suggestions Golberg'. It should be noted that on this record Hernandez had an important detail: it has included a couple of songs back and forth, a granaína the new world and a Colombian.

Author: Jesús Hernández Title: Bojaira Musicians: Jesus Hernandez (piano), Alvaro Maldonado (drums), Manolo Saez (bass) Featured artists:.. Jorge Pardo (flute, soprano sax), Guga Murray (guitar), Babacar Kamara (drums), Franco Kakarigi (bass) Jesus Mendez, Sergio 'El Colorao' (sing), Ana Cali (dance) Label: Quadrant Records Distributor: Quadrant Records Year: 2013 Style: Flamenco Jazz

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